[svnbook commit] r2271 - trunk/src/en/book

Julian Foad julianfoad at btopenworld.com
Mon Jul 3 15:31:39 CDT 2006

C. Michael Pilato wrote:
> julianfoad wrote:
>>Update the documentation of "help" and "--version" to match the changes
>>made in Subversion trunk r20301 and r20353 to handle "help" and
>>"--version [--quiet]" as two distinct commands.
> Julian, we're currently documenting Subversion 1.3, and if I'm not mistaken,
> these changes are for 1.4 or (if not approved for that release branch) 1.5.
>  Please revert, and drop an appropriately-milestoned TODO in our Trac instance.

Oh, right, sorry.  Will do.  Partially reverted in r2274.  I have edited that 
log message too: the change included a general part and a part specific to the 
change in Subversion trunk.

The existing Ticket #9 (task): "ch09: bring up to date with 'svn help'" is 
sufficient to cover the required future update which is only to update the list 
of options supported by the "help" subcommand.

- Julian

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