Adding a CVS to SVN Cross-Reference section

Julian Foad julianfoad at
Wed Apr 26 11:44:38 CDT 2006

Julian Foad wrote:
> I'd like to add [...] a sub-section that lists CVS 
> commands, options, etc. in alphabetical order and gives brief pointers 
> to how to do the equivalent thing in Subversion.

I meant to say also: I make no claim to accuracy of my initial five entries.  I 
have little knowledge of CVS, having used it only in simple ways, and I wrote 
them only as a starting point from which others could expand, correct and continue.

This came about because my brother queried why we have "-N" instead of CVS's 
"-l" and "svn cat" instead of "cvs up -p", and I looked and found that these 
things weren't even mentioned in this appendix.  I then added the next three 
things that came to the top of my head, which are not necessarily the most 
useful things to be mentioned here.

Anybody please feel free to take this as a starting point and write and commit 
a more accurate version.

- Julian

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