Adding a CVS to SVN Cross-Reference section

Julian Foad julianfoad at
Wed Apr 26 11:29:23 CDT 2006

In the "Subversion for CVS Users" appendix is a high-level overview of concepts 
that don't map exactly from CVS to SVN.  I'd like to add, probably at the end 
of that appendix, a sub-section that lists CVS commands, options, etc. in 
alphabetical order and gives brief pointers to how to do the equivalent thing 
in Subversion.  This list would only include things that are non-obvious: 
different command name, etc.

Here's a start, attached.  I don't think it's necessarily ready to commit, but 
on the other hand I don't have the time or ability to do much more to it at the 
moment.  What do you all think?

- Julian

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