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Ben Collins-Sussman wrote:
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> On 10/11/05, K. L. Estes <klestes at gmail.com> wrote:
>> 2.  svn revert' doesn't work with everything.  For example 'svn rename
>>a.txt b.txt' and then try reverting it.
>> In fact, directories are still treated as second class in respect to this
> Huh?  An 'svn rename' is exactly the same as running 'svn copy' and
> 'svn delete'.  When you revert these changes, you get exactly what is
> expected:  the deleted thing comes back, and the added thing is no
> longer scheduled for addition.  Maybe you can explain what you're
> seeing a bit more.

Yes, we know that it runs the same as a copy and a delete but for "users"
it is a bit confusing when, after doing an "svn mv" and then an "svn revert"
that it did not really undo the "svn mv" command.

The real answer is that for now the documentation needs to be rather clear
as to what happens in the revert for those cases and, hopefully, clear
that this will not continue to be true if/when rename becomes a first-class
operation rather than just a combiniation of other operations.

This is mainly for users who generally don't care about implementation details.
(And, generally, a "user" should not care about the implementation details)

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