Suggestions for book, svn 1.2

K. L. Estes klestes at
Tue Oct 11 12:47:47 CDT 2005

Just off the top of my head, here are two things I would *love* to have in
your really excellent book:

1. Best practice (or at least a good suggestion) of what to do when your
'svn switch' fails due to 'locally modified files'.

I hate this one, yet there is no FAQ entry, and it is gonna be an issue when
someone uses switch frequently.
Also, what are the consequences when things 'become unversioned' - how do I
clean up the resulting mess ?
(don't tell me, PUT IT IN THE BOOK. And then tell me =)

2. svn revert' doesn't work with everything. For example 'svn rename a.txt
b.txt' and then try reverting it.
In fact, directories are still treated as second class in respect to this

Viva la subversion !!

K. L.
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