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CĂ©lio Cidral Junior ccidral.newsbox at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 13:03:24 CST 2005

OK for me about creating separate mailing lists.

Celio Cidral Junior
WEG Eletric

2005/11/22, Max Bowsher <maxb1 at ukf.net>:
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> Currently, there exist <l10n-LOCALECODE at subversion.tigris.org> mailing
> lists, which get used both for .po and book discussion.
> We now have an new pt_BR svnbook team forming (and there is no pt_BR.po)
> - - it seems weird to create a mailing list at subversion.tigris.org,
> entirely for book matters, when the book is a separately run and hosted
> project, so I'm inclined to create instead a
> <svnbook-LOCALECODE at red-bean.com> list.
> Is that OK with everyone?
> Question to the Spanish and Russian translators:
> Would it be helpful for you to split the .po and svnbook traffic for
> your languages into two separate lists, or is it more useful for them to
>  be combined?
> Max.
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