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Last week I was thinking about to begin the work of translation to
Brazillian Portuguese together with another guy who works here with
me. We are interested in taking part on this work. However, I think
someone have to coordinate the work, not only synchronizing the
translation with the continuous development of the English version,
but also distributing the tasks between the translators and ensuring
that translated parts were reviewed by everybody in the translation
group. Actually, I can't do this coordination due to lack of spare
time, but you can count with us for help on the translation.

I'm including a copy of this message to Eduardo, who's the other one
interested in the translation.


Célio Cidral Junior
WEG Eletric

2005/11/21, Max Bowsher <maxb1 at>:
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> Leandro Dorileo wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I would like to know if there is already someone working on the
> > translation of "Version Control with Subversion" book to brazilian
> > portuguese?
> > If not, I would like to begin that work...
> No one is currently working on such a translation.
> We are always happy to see additional translations - though we recommend
> that translations be attempted by a group of 2 or more people, because
> translating the entire book is a very large task.
> Is it possible you might be able to recruit additional people to help?
> The other thing you must decide is how to handle the fact that the
> English book is under continuous development, as Subversion itself gains
> new features. There are two possibilities:
> (1) Keep the English text in the source files alongside the translated
> text, and regularly merge small changes from the developing english
> version into the translation. See the Norwegian translation for an
> example of this method.
> (2) The English book is tagged and released once for each 1.x version of
> Subversion. You might choose to select a fixed version (probably the
> most recent release) and translate that. Then when a new release is
> made, review the diffs to the English version, and update the
> translation. I believe the Spanish translation is using this method.
> Max.
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