Help on building a pdf file from book sources

CĂ©lio Cidral Junior ccidral.newsbox at
Wed Nov 30 09:43:56 CST 2005


I'm trying to build the pdf file from the book sources but I'm getting
an error (see below). I guess it's because our Internet proxy since it
requires both user name and password. I'm using Cygwin under WinXP.

$ make pdf
../tools/bin/ -fo book/ -pdf book/svn-book.pdf
../tools/bin/ line 11: [: too many arguments
(Using '../tools/bin/../fop/' for FOP)
../tools/bin/../fop/ line 5: [: too many arguments
[INFO] Using org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser as SAX2 Parser
[INFO] FOP 0.20.5
[INFO] Using org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser as SAX2 Parser
[INFO] building formatting object tree
[INFO] setting up fonts
Error creating background image: Error while recovering Image Informations (http
:// : Connection timed out: con
make: *** Deleting file `book/svn-book.pdf'
make: *** [book/svn-book.pdf] Interrupt

Celio Cidral Junior
WEG Eletric

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