Clarification of "human-readable" in chapter 7

Max Bowsher maxb at
Sun Mar 13 05:18:18 CST 2005

Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz wrote:
>> From chapter 7:
> "Generally speaking, the names and values of the properties can be
> whatever you want them to be, with the constraint that the names
> must be human-readable text."
> I find this terribly misleading. A quick test doesn't allow me to
> set a property name with a space, a comma, or non 7-bit characters,
> which are human readable in Spanish. I suggest adding a footnote
> to the first instance of human-readable explaining that this only
> refers to 7-bit characters, and not even the full range of them.


In actual fact, the limitation is:
 ASCIILetter | Digit | '.' | '-' | '_' | ':'

And the first character must be:
 ASCIILetter | '_' | ':'

Damn overly restrictive DAV/XML standards!


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