Building CHM-docs on a Linux box

Jostein Chr. Andersen jostein at
Thu Mar 10 09:05:23 CST 2005


This is a kind of status report of the subject above:

I finally managed to build svn-book.chm under Linux, but I'm not sure 
that's an advisable thing to do this at the moment, even when everything 
can be don from the command line:

You have to install Wine and several Windows system files under it. The 
Wine part is easy, but the the system files part involved installation 
of Internet Explorer. So yes, I have a running Internet Explorer 6.0 
under Linux and it works very well. However, I consider this as a 
security threat and don't want this on _my_ Linux system. The MS help 
Workshop was installed as well without any trouble.

The Internet Explorer 6.0 is patched against security holes some times 
already and I'm not sure how this affect IE in Linux. It's not possible 
to install the Windows Service packs under Wine AFAIK.

My recommendation is that that svn-book.chm should be builded under 
Windows. I can do it if you want - and if you don't, that's ok. I will 
continue to build a svn-book.chm for the Windows Installer anyway.

Now, I'm removing this mess from my system.


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