Suggested addition of xinetd configuration for svnserve

Stuart A. Malone samalone at
Thu Mar 3 11:11:38 CST 2005

My partner and I just finished figuring out how to set up svnserve on 
an xinetd (Mac OS X Panther) system, and we thought that it might be 
helpful to add our discoveries to the subversion book.

xinetd is a nice way to set up svnserve because it allows you to 
specify the user, group and umask used by the svnserve process.  This 
can simplify setup and remove the need to use a wrapper script around 
svnserve to set the umask.

The configuration we are using is:

service svn
	disable		= no
	socket_type	= stream
	protocol	= tcp
	wait		= no
	user		= svn
	group		= svn
	umask		= 002
	port		= 3690
	server		= /usr/local/bin/svnserve
	server_args	= -i -r /svnrepos

The only catch we've found is that the "group" attribute above only 
takes effect if the "groups" attribute is set to "yes".  (It took us 
quite a lot of searching the internet to figure this out.)  So you may 
also need to add this line to xinetd.conf inside the "defaults" 

	groups		= yes

Best wishes,

--Stuart A. Malone
   Llamagraphics, Inc.
   Makers of Life Balance personal coaching software
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