Idea: Moving sections 'Undoing changes' and 'Resurrecting deleted items'

Ben Collins-Sussman sussman at
Fri Jun 3 08:25:45 CDT 2005

On Jun 3, 2005, at 4:20 AM, Erik Huelsmann wrote:

> Hi!
> Reading the users mailing list, I think that the book would benefit  
> from
> this change:
> Moving the sections 'Undoing changes' and 'Resurrecting deleted  
> items' from
> the 'Branching and merging' chapter to the Guided Tour chapter in  
> the 'Basic
> Workcycle' section.
> That is because nobody is really looking for merging when wanting  
> to undo
> changes. The fact that the merge command is used to undo changes is  
> merely
> an implementation detail. Other than that, there's hardly any  
> relation with
> the topic 'Branching and merging'. The same is true for 'Resurrecting
> deleted items': these issues are far more part of the basic (or day  
> to day)
> work cycle than they are part of branching and merging.

It's tricky:  should we really be telling people in the basic  
tutorial, "oh by the way, to undo a change, run this merge command",  
when they have no idea what 'svn merge' is?

Maybe the best compromise is to create links in chapter 3 that point  
to the chapter 4 sections...?

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