Idea: Moving sections 'Undoing changes' and 'Resurrecting deleted items'

Erik Huelsmann e.huelsmann at
Fri Jun 3 04:20:47 CDT 2005


Reading the users mailing list, I think that the book would benefit from
this change:

Moving the sections 'Undoing changes' and 'Resurrecting deleted items' from
the 'Branching and merging' chapter to the Guided Tour chapter in the 'Basic
Workcycle' section.

That is because nobody is really looking for merging when wanting to undo
changes. The fact that the merge command is used to undo changes is merely
an implementation detail. Other than that, there's hardly any relation with
the topic 'Branching and merging'. The same is true for 'Resurrecting
deleted items': these issues are far more part of the basic (or day to day)
work cycle than they are part of branching and merging.



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