[svnbook commit] r1485 - trunk/src/en/book

fitz svnbook-dev at red-bean.com
Thu Jun 23 14:06:47 CDT 2005

Author: fitz
Date: Thu Jun 23 14:06:46 2005
New Revision: 1485

* src/en/book/ch09.xml (svn.ref.svn.sw): Refer to subcommands, not
  commands.  Thanks to Maverick Crank Grey
  (maverick.crank.grey at gmail.com) for pointing this out.

Modified: trunk/src/en/book/ch09.xml
--- trunk/src/en/book/ch09.xml	(original)
+++ trunk/src/en/book/ch09.xml	Thu Jun 23 14:06:46 2005
@@ -179,7 +179,7 @@
               other—unversioned—file as the source of your log
               message.  To assert your intent and override these types
               of errors, pass the <option>--force-log</option> option 
-              to commands that accept log messages.</para>
+              to subcommands that accept log messages.</para>

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