Confused by the quickstart example

Joachim Ziegler ziegler at
Mon Jul 11 11:32:37 CDT 2005


just to give you some feedback:

I've just read and played with the quickstart example, and I was quite 
confused by the way you use the term 'project' and the corresponding 
folder of the same name in this example.

Especially in the checkout command

$ svn checkout file:///path/to/repos/trunk project

it took me a long time to understand the connection between 'project' 
and 'trunk'.

The example, as given in the book, completely forgets about the project 
folder called 'project' (which, anyway, is IMHO not a good name to use 
in an example, see below).

What I did not get here is that the 'project' folder used in the 
checkout is just an arbitrary name, which happens by chance to be the 
same name as in the import.

I expected to read something like

$svn checkout file:///path/to/repos/myProject/trunk sandbox/myProject/trunk

and, before, an import like

svn import /tmp/test/myProject/ file:///path/to/repos/myProject -m 
"initial import"

That way, it becomes much clearer the repository holds several 
'projects', all with their trunks, branches, and tags in them, and that 
you can checkout to wherever you want.

Moreover, 'project' is not a good name, because it is too general in 
this example. Why don't you call it 'myProject' at least? Or better use 
a concrete example: 'Editor', 'Calculator', ...


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