[RFC] Translation language mailing lists: svnbook-LOCALECODE at red-bean.com

Max Bowsher maxb1 at ukf.net
Sat Dec 3 16:14:29 CST 2005

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dmitriy wrote:
>>dmitriy wrote:
>>>It will be absolutely new mailing list or moderators and base of
>>>subscribers will be saved?
>>With no context, and with other discussion having happened since, it is
>>hard to tell exactly what you are asking about.
>>But certainly, it is trivial to save and restore lists of subscribers
>>and moderators.
> I have in view saving base of subscribers of mailing list
> l10-ru at subversion.tigris.org.
> If it is possible to transfer this base to new list
> svnbook-ru at red-bean.com  then, probably really it is more logical to
> transfer discussion of translation of the book to red-bean.com.

Subscriber lists are easy.

Archives can probably be done too, with a bit of work.

> PS: You don't need to CC'ed mail to me personally, i am subscribed to this list.

Set a Reply-to header, and my MUA will respect it.

Otherwise, you are relying on my memory for who is and isn't on the
list, which clearly I can't hope to remember for every list I am on.

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