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Thu Dec 1 15:33:31 CST 2005

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Jens Seidel wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 08:04:07PM +0000, Max Bowsher wrote:
>>>>>PS: I will try to generate also a few more patches, especially for the
>>>>>German translation.
>>>>Before you spend too much time on it, you need to know that the German
>>>>translation is incomplete and abandoned. We have had no contact from the
>>>>book German translators for months, and no additional work has been done
>>>>on the translation in over a year.
>>>OK, incomplete and abandoned text is the best argument to send patches,
>>>right? I'm aware that there is a lot to do. Since I do not have
>>>sufficient spare time it's unlikely that I will complete the translation
>>>but I can try my best ...
>>That is true, but what I am pointing out is that there is a lack of
>>people are capable of reviewing and applying those patches.
>>My skill level (2 years in school, 1997-99, with very little practice
>>since) is not really enough for much more than fixing typos.
> I cannot imagine that translations are rejected just because the authors
> cannot proofread it.

Of course not! All I'm saying is: at the moment, we don't have any
established means of handling this situation. We've always handled
changes either as patches, or by creating a team of multiple people, who
can collaborate on a translation.

We would, of course, be very foolish if we were to reject any
contribution merely because there was only one person interested in
working on a particular language translation - I'm just pointing out
that the svnbook group as a whole has not yet needed to decide how to
manage that.

> OK, I will try to contact the previous translators,

A good idea anyway - I'm not sure what version of the English book the
current translated material is based on.

> you can also google for me or ask on a Debian list to verify that I'm a
> serious person.

I don't mean for a moment to imply that you aren't - I just don't want
to take upon myself the responsibility of committing stuff I can't
understand! :-)


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