de-jargon suggestion

Martin A. Brooks martin at
Fri Dec 9 09:22:07 CST 2005

I suggest replacing "sysadmin" with system administrators.

I'd quite happily submit a patch for this, but I haven't yet found a 
tool that matches the indenting and wrapping requirements of the book 
source without manual tweaking.  I'm used to using vim's "gq}" to handle 

martin at winter:~/svnbook/trunk/src/en/book$ grep sysadmin *
ch00.xml:    <para>Most readers are probably programmers or sysadmins 
who need
ch00.xml:      version control to experienced sysadmins.  Depending on 
your own
ch00.xml:        <term>Experienced sysadmins</term>
ch08.xml:          traffic to pass through, sysadmins typically don't 
even have
ch08.xml:          appealing to some sysadmins nonetheless.  It is 
ch08.xml:          security reasons or otherwise.  Furthermore, some 


Martin A. Brooks

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