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Max Bowsher maxb1 at ukf.net
Fri Dec 9 06:09:00 CST 2005

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Leandro Dorileo wrote in private mail to me:
> Hi Max, can you please include those guys in the pt_br work and give
> them access to SVN repository and subscribe in the mailing-list?

Certainly, I'll setup the SVN access, but please send this kind of
request to svnbook-dev, rather than to me personally. It might very well
be me who takes care of things like this, but there are others who might
do it too.

Regarding the mailing list: Anyone can subscribe themselves, so I don't
need to do anything there.

> I couldn't sign-on in the administration interface of svn-pt_br list
> yet. Is there perhaps some other problem out session cookies?

Nope, sorry, works for me. Perhaps see if the other moderators can log
on or not.
Make sure you are trying to log on to the moderation interface, not the
administration interface. The blue bar at the top of the logon page
should say "svn-pt_br Moderator Authentication", not "svn-pt_br
Administrator Authentication".

> Name: André Vinícius Castoldi
> Preferred user name: avcastoldi
> E-mail: avcastoldi.news at gmail.com
> Name: Waldemar Roberti
> Preferred user name: roberti
> E-mail: waldemar.roberti at gmail.com

Accounts created.


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