French Translation

Yannick Loiseau yloiseau at
Fri Aug 26 14:23:53 CDT 2005

> We generally ask for two things before setting up a new language 
> translation:
>    1. A translation team with more than one member, and

It seems that we are already at least 3:
	- Yannick Loiseau (myself)
	- RĂ©gis Kuckaertz (who replied on the list)
	- Christophe Chauvet (who contacted me in private)

>    2. Proof of actual work progress (in the form of an initial patch)

Christophe has begun to translate the index.html
I have started the book translation (intro and 2 sections of ch00)

 > Francois Beausoleil expressed some interest a couple of years ago, and
 > translated a few paragraphs:

I've checked this page, but it seems to be an old version of the book. 
May be it will be easier to start from scratch.

Should we send the patches or the files on the list, and which one is 
the preferred form?


Yannick Loiseau

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