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C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Thu Aug 25 11:55:57 CDT 2005

Yannick Loiseau wrote:

> Hi,
> I've noticed that (what seems to be) a French edition of the book is
> available at Oreilly (,
> titled "Project management with subversion", but no French version is
> available on the book site at red-bean.

Yeah, OReilly handled that translation via traditional publishing 
means.  The work wasn't done in the open.

> As I'd like to contribute, is it possible to start a new fr 
> translation section in the repository?

We generally ask for two things before setting up a new language 

   1. A translation team with more than one member, and
   2. Proof of actual work progress (in the form of an initial patch)

Given those, we'll be happy to set your team up, and happier still to 
see a freely available French translation online!
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