[ADD] Russian glossary

Max Bowsher maxb at ukf.net
Thu Apr 28 06:09:56 CDT 2005

Àãíiñëàâú Ïîäîëüñêèé wrote:
> Have a good time of your life, svnbook-dev
> You wrote 28.04.2005, at 12:12:
>> To make it possible to find updates to the English version, and port them
>> to the translation, it is vital to record which revision of the English
>> version the translation is based on.
>> Perhaps members of the Spanish and Norwegian translation teams could
>> explain how they deal with merging updates to the English version?
>> Not being a translator myself, I don't really have the experience to
>> explain the issue clearly.
>> Max.
> Last known revision number was 11176M

Since then, the book has moved out of the main subversion repository into a 
new repository of its own, and the revision numbers have changed. r11176 
before is r671 now.

> But.
> As i know, there is a very small part of the book was translated. So we 
> can
> continue translating with last revision.
> Maverick or someone else compares his version of glossary with original,
> and, if needed, edits it.

I just checked the logs, and no changes have been made to the glossary since 
r544, so this translation should still be up-to-date. :-)

So that this information is preserved, I recommend that a comment be placed 
in the XML file itself, for example:

<!-- Based on English version r671 -->


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