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Thu Apr 28 04:23:32 CDT 2005

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You wrote 28.04.2005, at 12:12:

> To make it possible to find updates to the English version, and port them to
> the translation, it is vital to record which revision of the English version 
> the translation is based on.

> Perhaps members of the Spanish and Norwegian translation teams could explain 
> how they deal with merging updates to the English version?

> Not being a translator myself, I don't really have the experience to explain 
> the issue clearly.

> Max.

Last known revision number was 11176M

As i know, there is a very small part of the book was translated. So we can
continue translating with last revision.
Maverick or someone else compares his version of glossary with original, and,
if needed, edits it.

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