Stability of book URLs

Max Bowsher maxb at
Thu Apr 21 10:54:27 CDT 2005

>>  Max Bowsher wrote:
>>  Step 2: Migrate the values of id attributes away from the primarily
>> numerical system in use now, instead using descriptive names.

Brian W. Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Ooooh. I totally misread Max's #2.  I think that we may need to stick
> with the current id names (or as Max points out in a later mail, make
> them more conformant.

Um, do we?

I was looking at this from the perspective that O'Reilly seem to be 
accepting any sane scheme, and stating that they will slap an autogenerated 
scheme on anything which they deem to be insane.

So, as long as our scheme is sane, we should be OK?

Basically, I'm thinking that section numbers absolutely *are* going to 
change, and chapters might too, so we had must adopt a scheme that doesn't 
break when that happens.


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