Issue #278 Unable to build pdf from source [on Windows]

Daniel Sahlberg daniel.l.sahlberg at
Thu Aug 26 06:26:16 UTC 2021


Link to issue tracker:

In an e-mail to this list [1] there was a suggestion on how to build the
book in Visual Studio (under Windows) using some tooling from WSL. The
original description was how to build the html version of the book. The
issue is from someone who tried to build the PDF version the same way.

My investigation, as added in a note on the issue tracker:
I believe this error might come from the fact that the working copy, as
configured in the linked e-mail, is checked out using Windows line-endings
(\r\n). However the script is executed by bash in WSL, expecting Linux
line-endings (\n).
I was able to make it work by converting the line endings in
from "Windows (CRLF)" to "Unix (LF)" in Notepad++. It should be possible to
make this conversion automatic by changing the svn:eol-style property but
that might break things for anyone expecting to have CRLF line endings in a
Windows working copy.
I had to install a few additional tools (apt install fop libxml2-utils) but
I have now built both epub and pdf versions (changing the make target from
all-html to epub or pdf).

I don't know if there is a version of bash that would require CRLF
line-endings. I checked the version of bash distributed by git and it seems
to be happy with either CRLF or plain LF.

There was a discussion in TortoiseSVN recently [2] where a user claimed to
be unable to change the svn:eol-style because it would break things for
"pure windows users".

Changing the svn:eol-style to LF shouldn't break anything for users under

I think it is would be nice to change, but I can't guess if it might break
things for anyone building the book under Windows (using another process
than the one described in [1]). On the other hand I think that is very much
a niche case (but the "build under Visual Studio" is probably also quite a
bit a niche case).

For my part, I will certainly keep the Visual Studio project and the
"unix2dos" converted script and use it whenever I need to do
something to the book. For me, Visual Studio is slightly more efficient to
run than any Linux application (even though WSL has good support for GUI
apps under Win11). I will probably even improve it to include all different
output targets and if it is of interest to anyone I can add my project file
to the repository.

I think this issue should be closed, either as WontFix or by changing the
svn:eol-style property.

Kind regards

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