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> Hi,
> I have a question about following sentence in appendix C:
> > You can unearth it by going to Network Places and adding a new network
> place. When prompted, enter the URL of the repository, but include a port
> number in the URL. For example, you should enter http://host/repos as
> http://host:80/repos instead. Respond to any authentication prompts with
> your Subversion credentials.
> According to my understanding of verb "unearth", the sentence should tell
> reader what
> conclusion we will get if something happens. I just don't know what will
> happen, and
> what conclusion we will get?


I think the author simply means "You can find it." The word "unearth" is
used creatively.

The sentence immediately before states: "If it doesn't, it seems that the
original pre-XP Web Folders implementation is still buried within the
system." "Buried" meaning it's there, but hard to find, so you can "unearth
it" or "dig it up" the same way you would find a buried treasure. :-)

Hope this helps.

Have a nice day!
Nathan Hartman
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