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Date:     2019-11-12 11:34:17 +0000 (Tue, 12 Nov 2019)
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1.8/zh: resolve some TODO

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Modified: branches/1.8/zh/book/ch00-preface.xml
--- branches/1.8/zh/book/ch00-preface.xml	2019-11-04 14:51:11 UTC (rev 6010)
+++ branches/1.8/zh/book/ch00-preface.xml	2019-11-12 11:34:17 UTC (rev 6011)
@@ -1405,11 +1405,10 @@
           <para>For the impatient, a whirlwind explanation of how to
             install Subversion and start using it immediately.  You
-            TODO
             have been warned.</para>
-          <para>专门为没有耐心的读者而写, 介绍了如何快速地安装 Subversion 并
-            开始使用它.</para>
+          <para>专门为没有耐心的读者而写, 快速地介绍了如何安装 Subversion
+            并开始使用它.</para>

Modified: branches/1.8/zh/book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml
--- branches/1.8/zh/book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml	2019-11-04 14:51:11 UTC (rev 6010)
+++ branches/1.8/zh/book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml	2019-11-12 11:34:17 UTC (rev 6011)
@@ -107,7 +107,6 @@
         <secondary>keywords (关键字)</secondary>
-      TODO
       But occasionally, you need to pinpoint a moment in
       time for which you don't already have a revision number
       memorized or handy.  So besides the integer revision numbers,
@@ -115,8 +114,8 @@
       revision specifiers: <firstterm>revision keywords</firstterm>
       and revision dates.</para>
-    但是在少数情况下, 用户必须精确及时地指出版本号, 但手上却没有合适的参数.
-    所以除了用整数指定版本号, <command>svn</command> 还支持另外两种指定版本
+    但是在少数情况下, 用户必须及时精确地描述出版本号, 可是手上却没有合适的参数.
+    所以除了用整数指定版本号外, <command>svn</command> 还支持另外两种指定版本
     号的形式: <firstterm>版本号关键字</firstterm>
     (<firstterm>revision keywords</firstterm>) 和版本号日期.</para>
@@ -4211,7 +4210,6 @@
       <filename>data.c</filename>, and a set of debugging output
       logfiles.  Now, you know that your build system always results
       in the <filename>calculator</filename> program being
-      TODO
       generated.<footnote><para>Isn't that the whole point of a build
       system?</para></footnote>  And you know that your test suite
       always leaves those debugging logfiles lying around.  These
@@ -4229,7 +4227,7 @@
         calculator</filename> 程序, 一个叫做 <filename>data.c</filename> 的
       源代码文件, 还有几个用于调试的日志文件. 假设用户已经知道编译系统总是会
       输出一个目标文件 <filename>calculator</filename>
-      <footnote><para>这难道不是构建系统的全部意义吗?</para></footnote>,
+      <footnote><para>这不就是构建系统存在的意义吗?</para></footnote>,
       调试日志文件, 除了用户自己的工作副本, 该项目所有的工作副本都有可能出现
       这些文件. 用户非常清楚地知道, 当他执行 <command>svn status</command> 时,
@@ -7741,7 +7739,6 @@
     <para>It is commonplace for a developer to find himself working at
       any given time on multiple different, distinct changes to a
       particular bit of source code.  This isn't necessarily due to
-      TODO
       poor planning or some form of digital masochism.  A software
       engineer often spots bugs in his peripheral vision while working
       on some nearby chunk of source code.  Or perhaps he's halfway
@@ -8618,13 +8615,12 @@
           concerned about caching your Subversion passwords in
           plaintext and do not want to be asked about it again and
           again, you can disable caching of plaintext passwords either
-          TODO
           permanently, or on a server-by-server basis.</para>
         <para>如果用户贪图方便, 不想每次都输入密码, 那就输入 <literal>yes
           </literal>. 如果用户担心以明文的方式缓存密码不太安全, 而且不想每次
-          都被询问是否要缓存密码, 你可以永久地禁止密码明文缓存, 或者根据不
-          同的服务器采取不同的策略.</para>
+          都被询问是否要缓存密码, 你可以永久地禁止密码明文缓存, 或者为每一个
+          服务器设置单独的策略.</para>
@@ -9313,7 +9309,6 @@
         option should be used.  Say Harry wishes to change the
         contents of a versioned <filename>README</filename> file
         without bothering with a full checkout of a working copy.
-        TODO
         (We'll assume that there is no other value in using a working
         copy for this operation, such as the presence of scripts Harry
         should run in advance of his commit to verify that it's a
@@ -9328,7 +9323,7 @@
         的最好方式是展示如何正确地使用命令 <command>svnmucc put</command>.
         假设 Harry 想在没有工作副本的情况下修改仓库里的文件
         <filename>README</filename> (仅针对修改 <filename>README</filename>
-        这个操作而言, 我们假设使用工作副本不会带来其他额外的价值, 例如在提交
+        这个操作而言, 我们假设使用工作副本不会带来其他额外的使用, 例如在提交
         前执行工作副本里的一个脚本, 以保证 Harry 的修改是符合要求的),
         修改. 在典型的情况下, 用户总是想修改文件的最新版, 于是 Harry 查询文件
@@ -9477,7 +9472,6 @@
       mastery of the Subversion client.  Though our lawyers won't
       allow us to promise you anything, this additional knowledge
       could make you measurably more cool.<footnote><para>No purchase
-          TODO
       necessary.  Certains terms and conditions apply.  No guarantee
       of coolness—implicit or otherwise—exists.  Mileage
       may vary.</para></footnote></para>
@@ -9486,7 +9480,7 @@
     特性不可能每次都会被用到, 但了解它们总是会派上用场. 读者应该继续往下阅读,
     在下面的内容里, 你将会学到分支, 标签与合并, 学习完这些知识后, 读者基本上
     就算是完全掌握了 Subversion 的客户端操作. 虽然我们的律师不允许我们向你做
-    出任何承诺, 但这些知识会让你更加潇洒.</para>
+    出任何承诺, 但了解这些知识会让你更加潇洒.</para>

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