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Date:     2019-01-12 03:58:02 +0000 (Sat, 12 Jan 2019)
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1.8/zh: chapter 7 reviewed

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Modified: branches/1.8/zh/book/ch07-customizing-svn.xml
--- branches/1.8/zh/book/ch07-customizing-svn.xml	2019-01-12 03:23:40 UTC (rev 5863)
+++ branches/1.8/zh/book/ch07-customizing-svn.xml	2019-01-12 03:58:02 UTC (rev 5864)
@@ -87,13 +87,13 @@
           <primary>runtime configuration</primary>
-        客户端命令行工具 <command>svn</command> 第一次运行时, 它将创建一个
+        客户端命令行工具 <command>svn</command> 首次运行时, 它将创建一个
         每用户配置区域. 在类 Unix 系统上, 每用户配置区域是一个在用户家目录下
         的 <filename>.subversion</filename> 目录. 在 Win32 系统上, 配置区域是
         一个名为 <filename>Subversion</filename> 的文件夹, 通常放在用户配置
         文件目录 (通常是一个隐藏目录) 的 <filename>Application Data</filename>
         区域内, 而 <filename>Application Data</filename> 的确切位置在每
-        个 Win32 系统上都不太一样, 它的确切位置由系统注册表 (Windows
+        个 Win32 系统上可能都不太一样, 它的确切位置由系统注册表 (Windows
         Registry) 决定 <footnote><para>环境变量 <literal>APPDATA</literal> 的
             值指出了 <filename>Application Data</filename> 区域的路径, 所以说
             用户总是可以用 <filename>%APPDATA%\Subversion</filename> 引用
@@ -101,7 +101,6 @@
         我们将用 <filename>.subversion</filename> 指代 Subversion 的每用户
-        ### TODO
         The first time the <command>svn</command> command-line
         client is executed, it creates a per-user configuration area.
         On Unix-like systems, this area appears as a directory
@@ -712,7 +711,6 @@
                 items—for example, object files that result from
                 a program's compilation—in this display.  The
                 <literal>global-ignores</literal> option is a list of
-                ### TODO
                 whitespace-delimited globs that describe the names of
                 files and directories that Subversion should not
                 display unless they are versioned.  The default value
@@ -1125,7 +1123,6 @@
           <literal>[global]</literal>.  The <literal>[groups]</literal>
           section is essentially a cross-reference table.  The keys in
           this section are the names of other sections in the file;
-          ### TODO
           their values are <firstterm>globs</firstterm>—textual
           tokens that possibly contain wildcard
           characters—that are compared against the hostnames of

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