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Date:     2019-08-13 19:53:19 +0000 (Tue, 13 Aug 2019)
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* en/book/appa-quickstart.xml
    Clarify the benefits of using APR and the relation to httpd.

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       APR—the Apache Portable Runtime library.  The APR library
       provides all the interfaces that Subversion needs to function on
       different operating systems: disk access, network access, memory
-      management, and so on.  While Subversion is able to use Apache
-      HTTP Server (or, <command>httpd</command>) as one of its network
-      server programs, its dependence on APR <emphasis>does
-      not</emphasis> mean that <command>httpd</command> is a required
-      component.  APR is a standalone library usable by any
-      application.  It does mean, however, that Subversion clients and
-      servers run on any operating system
-      that <command>httpd</command> runs on: Windows, Linux, all
-      flavors of BSD, Mac OS X, NetWare, and others.</para>
+      management, and so on.
+      The abstraction layer provided by APR enables Subversion clients and
+      servers to run on any operating system that other APR-based applications
+      run on: Windows, Linux, all flavors of BSD, Mac OS X, NetWare, and
+      others.</para>
+    <note>
+      <para>Although the APR library is part of the Apache HTTP Server (or,
+        <command>httpd</command>), and <command>httpd</command> can be
+        configured to serve Subversion repositories, <command>httpd</command>
+        is <emphasis>not</emphasis> a required component of a Subversion
+        installation.</para>
+    </note>
     <para>The easiest way to get Subversion is to download a binary
       package built for your operating system.  Subversion's web site
       (<ulink url="http://subversion.apache.org"/>) often has these

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