[svnbook] r5958 committed - trunk/en/book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml

wuzhouhui at users.sourceforge.net wuzhouhui at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Aug 1 21:39:21 CDT 2019

Revision: 5958
Author:   wuzhouhui
Date:     2019-08-02 02:39:16 +0000 (Fri, 02 Aug 2019)
Log Message:
* en/book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml:
  Change the wording "working-copy-less modifications" to "modifications
  without a working copy" to match a similar change committed in r5957.
  The previous wording could be confusing, especially to non-native
  English speakers.

Found by: Daniel Shahaf
Patch by: Nathan Hartman (hartman.nathan \at\ g mail)
(Tweaked by me)

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/en/book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml
--- trunk/en/book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml	2019-07-30 09:13:16 UTC (rev 5957)
+++ trunk/en/book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml	2019-08-02 02:39:16 UTC (rev 5958)
@@ -6199,7 +6199,7 @@
-      <para>Inherent in working-copy-less modifications is the loss of
+      <para>Inherent in modifications without a working copy is the loss of
         the very conflict detection safeguards which make the use of a
         working copy so valuable.  When using <command>svn</command>
         in the typical way, changes are committed to the server

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