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Fri Sep 14 21:51:14 CDT 2018

Revision: 5776
Author:   wuzhouhui
Date:     2018-09-15 02:51:13 +0000 (Sat, 15 Sep 2018)
Log Message:
Using <command> to surround all Apache module. Before this change, some
modules are surrounded by <command>, while some modules are surrounded by

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/en/book/appc-webdav.xml
--- trunk/en/book/appc-webdav.xml	2018-09-14 04:50:04 UTC (rev 5775)
+++ trunk/en/book/appc-webdav.xml	2018-09-15 02:51:13 UTC (rev 5776)
@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@
     <para>Another feature that may be a useful complement for
       Subversion's autoversioning comes from Apache's
-      <literal>mod_mime</literal> module.  If a WebDAV client adds a
+      <command>mod_mime</command> module.  If a WebDAV client adds a
       new file to the repository, there's no opportunity for the user
       to set the the <literal>svn:mime-type</literal> property.  This
       might cause the file to appear as a generic icon when viewed
@@ -228,7 +228,7 @@
-    <para>This directive allows <literal>mod_mime</literal> to attempt
+    <para>This directive allows <command>mod_mime</command> to attempt
       automatic deduction of the MIME type on new files that enter the
       repository via autoversioning.  The module looks at the file's
       named extension and possibly the contents as well; if the file

Modified: trunk/en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml
--- trunk/en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml	2018-09-14 04:50:04 UTC (rev 5775)
+++ trunk/en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml	2018-09-15 02:51:13 UTC (rev 5776)
@@ -2350,9 +2350,9 @@
         <para>Next, ensure that Apache has access to the modules which
           provide the Basic authentication and related
-          functionality:  <literal>mod_auth_basic</literal>,
-          <literal>mod_authn_file</literal>, and
-          <literal>mod_authz_user</literal>.  In many cases, these
+          functionality:  <command>mod_auth_basic</command>,
+          <command>mod_authn_file</command>, and
+          <command>mod_authz_user</command>.  In many cases, these
           modules are compiled into <command>httpd</command> itself,
           but if not, you might need to explicitly load one or more of
           them using the <literal>LoadModule</literal> directive:</para>
@@ -2474,8 +2474,8 @@
         <para>Configuring Apache to use Digest authentication is
           straightforward.  You'll need to ensure that
-          the <literal>mod_auth_digest</literal> module is available
-          (instead of <literal>mod_auth_basic</literal>), and then
+          the <command>mod_auth_digest</command> module is available
+          (instead of <command>mod_auth_basic</command>), and then
           make a few small variations on our prior example:</para>
@@ -3615,7 +3615,7 @@
           some of that log activity.</para>
         <para>Apache HTTP Server's
-          <literal>mod_setenvif</literal> module offers
+          <command>mod_setenvif</command> module offers
           a <literal>SetEnvIf</literal> directive which is handy for
           conditionally setting environment variables.  And as it
           turns out, the <literal>CustomLog</literal> directive can be
@@ -4084,7 +4084,7 @@
                 <literal>Directory</literal> or <literal>Location</literal>
                 block for a Subversion repository.  It
                 tells <command>httpd</command> to use the Subversion
-                backend for <literal>mod_dav</literal> to handle all
+                backend for <command>mod_dav</command> to handle all
@@ -4202,10 +4202,10 @@
                 generic log message is auto-generated and attached to
                 each revision.  If you enable autoversioning, you'll
                 likely want to set <literal>ModMimeUsePathInfo
-                On</literal> so that <literal>mod_mime</literal> can
+                On</literal> so that <command>mod_mime</command> can
                 set <literal>svn:mime-type</literal> to the correct
                 MIME type automatically (as best as
-                <literal>mod_mime</literal> is able to, of course).
+                <command>mod_mime</command> is able to, of course).
                 For more information, see <xref
                 linkend="svn.webdav"/>.  The default value of this
                 directive is <literal>Off</literal>.</para>

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