[PATCH] Fix subversion.conf to svn.conf, follow-up r3113

wuzhouhui wuzhouhui14 at mails.ucas.ac.cn
Thu May 24 08:27:58 CDT 2018

r3113 fixes subversion.conf to svn.conf, but it seemed that the following
one is omitted.

Index: book/ch06-server-configuration.xml
diff --git a/trunk/en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml b/trunk/en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml
--- a/trunk/en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml	(revision 5696)
+++ b/trunk/en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml	(working copy)
@@ -1303,8 +1303,7 @@ use-sasl = true
           how to configure the server appropriately for each.  For the
           purposes of this discussion, we'll just demonstrate a simple
           example of configuring the DIGEST-MD5 mechanism.  For
-          example, if your <filename>subversion.conf</filename>
-          (or <filename>svn.conf</filename>) file contains the
+          example, if your <filename>svn.conf</filename> file contains the

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