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@@ -1876,16 +1876,27 @@
       <title>svnserve 使用 SASL</title>
+      <!--
       <para>For many teams, the built-in CRAM-MD5 authentication is
         all they need from <command>svnserve</command>.  However, if
         your server (and your Subversion clients) were built with the
+        ### TODO
         Cyrus Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) library,
         you have a number of authentication and encryption
         options available to you.</para>
+      -->
+      <para>对于许多团队而言, 使用 <command>svnserve</command> 内建的 CRAM-MD5
+        认证就已足够. 然而, 如果服务器和 Subversion 客户端支持 SASL (Cyrus
+        Simple Authentication and Security Layer) 函数库, 那么管理员就有了
+        大量的认证和加密选项可供选择.</para>
+      <!--
         <title>What Is SASL?</title>
+      -->
+        <title>什么是 SASL?</title>
+      <!--
         <para>The Cyrus Simple Authentication and Security Layer is
           open source software written by Carnegie Mellon University.
           It adds generic authentication and encryption capabilities
@@ -1898,11 +1909,23 @@
           you'll need to make sure that it's detected during
           Subversion's build process.  The Subversion command-line
           client will report the availability of Cyrus SASL when you
-          run <userinput>svn --version</userinput>; if you're using
+          run <userinput>svn - -version</userinput>; if you're using
           some other Subversion client, you might need to check with
           the package maintainer as to whether SASL support was
           compiled in.</para>
+      -->
+        <para>Cyrus Simple Authenticated and Security Layer 是卡耐基梅隆
+          大学开发的一款开源软件, 可以给任意一种网络协议添加通用的认证和
+          授权功能, 从 subversion 1.5 开始, <command>svnserve</command>
+          服务器和 <command>svn</command> 客户端开始支持 SASL. 不过 SASL
+          并非总是可用, 如果 subversion 是你自己编译安装的, 为了利用 SASL,
+          系统中至少要安装 SASL 2.1 版, 并且在 Subversion 构建过程能够检测
+          到 SASL 的存在. 执行 <userinput>svn --version</userinput> 时,
+          Subversion 客户端命令行工具将报告 Cyrus SASL 是否可用. 如果你安装
+          的是已经编译好了的二进制包, 那你就要检查 SASL 是否被编译到了安装
+          包里.</para>
+      <!--
         <para>SASL comes with a number of pluggable modules that
           represent different authentication systems: Kerberos
           (GSSAPI), NTLM, One-Time-Passwords (OTP), DIGEST-MD5, LDAP,
@@ -1909,11 +1932,20 @@
           Secure-Remote-Password (SRP), and others.  Certain
           mechanisms may or may not be available to you; be sure to
           check which modules are provided.</para>
+      -->
+        <para>SASL 包含大量可插拔的模块, 这些模块代表了不同的认证机制:
+          Kerberos (GSSAPI), NTLM, One-Time-Passwords (OTP), DIGEST-MD5,
+          LDAP, Secure-Remote-Password (SRP) 等. 某些机制在你的系统中可能
+          无法使用, 使用前检查系统中的 SASL 提供了哪些模块.</para>
+      <!--
         <para>You can download Cyrus SASL (both code and
           documentation) from
           <ulink url="http://asg.web.cmu.edu/sasl/sasl-library.html"
+      -->
+      <para>Cyrus SASL 源代码及其文档的下载地址是 <ulink
+          url="http://asg.web.cmu.edu/sasl/sasl-library.html" />.</para>

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