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@@ -9020,12 +9020,19 @@
+      <!--
       <para><command>svnmucc</command> has been a part of the Subversion
         project's source code tree for many years
         (as <command>mucc</command> for most of that time), but it was
         only in Subversion 1.8 that it become a fully supported member
         of the Subversion command-line tool suite.</para>
+      -->
+      <para><command>svnmucc</command> 很多年前就已经包含在 Subversion 的源代
+        码树中 (那时候称为 <command>mucc</command>), 但是直到 1.8, <command>
+          svnmucc</command> 才享受到完全的支持, 成为 Subversion 客户端命令行工
+        具套装的正式成员.</para>
+      <!--
       <para>The <command>svnmucc</command> tool can perform any
         transformation on your versioned data that <command>svn</command>
         itself can.  But unlike <command>svn</command>, the functionality
@@ -9032,7 +9039,7 @@
         that <command>svnmucc</command> offers isn't broken up into
         subcommands.  Rather, you provide a list of actions and
         operands in a single command line (or from a file stream, via
-        the <option>--extra-args (-X)</option> option).  Some of the
+        the <option>- -extra-args (-X)</option> option).  Some of the
         actions supported by <command>svnmucc</command> mimic those of
         the command-line client.  You'll notice in the previous
         command output actions such as <literal>cp</literal>,
@@ -9044,10 +9051,27 @@
         number of these actions together in a single command
         invocation, resulting in a single committed revision in the
+      -->
+      <para><command>svn</command> 可以做到的转换, <command>svnmucc</command>
+        都可以做到, 但不同的是, <command>svnmucc</command> 的功能并不是把操作
+        切分成多个子命令. 用户可以在一条命令行上 (或者在一个文件中, 通过选项
+        <option>--extra-args</option> (<option>-X</option>) 把文件传递给
+        <command>svnmucc</command>) 输入多个操作及其参数, <command>svnmucc
+        </command> 支持的某些操作模仿了对应的客户端命令行. 读者可能已经注意到
+        上面输出的操作, 例如 <literal>cp</literal>, <literal>mkdir</literal>,
+        <literal>mv</literal> 和 <literal>rm</literal>, 和我们在
+        <xref linkend="svn.advanced.working-without-a-wc.svn"/> 提到的操作非常
+        类似, 但是请记住, 它们之间最关键的区别是用户可以在
+        <command>svnmucc</command> 的一次调用中, 执行任意多的操作, 所有的这些
+        操作只会产生一个新的版本号.</para>
+      <!--
       <para>Let's take our previous example of trying to simply
         replace a remote directory.  Using <command>svnmucc</command>,
         you would accomplish this as follows:</para>
+      -->
+      <para>如果使用 <command>svnmucc</command> 完成本节开头的远程目录替换操
+        作, 一个示例是:</para>
@@ -9059,17 +9083,30 @@
+      <!--
       <para>As you can see, <command>svnmucc</command> accomplished in
         a single revision what <command>svn</command>—without
         the benefit of a working copy—required two revisions to
+      -->
+      <para>可以看到, <command>svnmucc</command> 在一个版本号中完成了两步操作,
+        而在没有工作副本的情况下, <command>svn</command> 会产生两个新的版本号.
+      </para>
+      <!--
         <para>Another difference between <command>svnmucc</command>
           and <command>svn</command> is that the former currently will
           not prompt you for a commit log message if you fail to
           supply one via the command line.  Rather, it will use a
           stock (that is, relatively valueless) log message.</para>
+      -->
+        <para><command>svnmucc</command> 和 <command>svn</command> 的另一个区
+          别是如果用户没有在命令行提供日志消息 (通过选项
+          <option>--message</option> (<option>-m</option>) 或
+          <option>--file</option> (<option>-F</option>)), <command>svnmucc
+        </command> 将不会提示用户输入提示日志, 转而使用一段常备的日志
+        (相对来说没什么价值).</para>
       <para>The <command>svnmucc</command> tool is not limited to

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