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1.8/zh: translation of chapter 3 in progress

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@@ -7273,40 +7273,64 @@
+    <!--
         <listitem><para>Relative to the URL of the directory on which
           the <literal>svn:externals</literal> property is
+    -->
+      <listitem><para>相对于设置了 <literal>svn:externals</literal> 的目录的
+          URL</para></listitem>
+    <!--
         <listitem><para>Relative to the root of the repository in
           which the <literal>svn:externals</literal> property is
+    -->
+      <listitem><para>相对于 <literal>svn:externals</literal> 所在的仓库的根
+          目录</para></listitem>
+    <!--
         <listitem><para>Relative to the scheme of the URL of the
           directory on which the <literal>svn:externals</literal>
           property is set</para></listitem>
+    -->
+      <listitem><para>相对于设置了属性 <literal>svn:externals</literal> 的目录
+          的 URL 模式</para></listitem>
+    <!--
         <listitem><para>Relative to the root URL of the server on
           which the <literal>svn:externals</literal> property is
+    -->
+      <listitem><para>相对于 <literal>svn:externals</literal> 所在的仓库的根
+          URL</para></listitem>
+    <!--
         <listitem><para>Relative to a sibling repository beneath the
           same <literal>SVNParentPath</literal> location as the
           repository in which the <literal>svn:externals</literal> is
+    -->
+      <listitem><para>相对于和定义了 <literal>svn:externals</literal> 的仓库
+          处于同一个 <literal>SVNParentPath</literal> 位置下的兄弟仓库</para>
+      </listitem>
+    <!--
     <para>So, looking a fourth time at our previous externals
       definition example, and making use of the new absolute URL
       syntax in various ways, we might now see:</para>
+    -->
+    <para>如果把绝对的 URL 路径改成相对路径, 之前的例子就可以写成:</para>
@@ -7318,6 +7342,7 @@
+    <!--
     <para>Subversion 1.6 brought two more improvements to externals
       definitions.  First, it added a quoting and escape mechanism to
       the syntax so that the path of the external working copy may
@@ -7324,12 +7349,19 @@
       contain whitespace.  This was previously problematic, of course,
       because whitespace is used to delimit the fields in an externals
       definition.  Now you need only wrap such a path specification in
-      double-quote (<literal>"<!-- " --></literal>) characters or
+      double-quote (<literal>"</literal>) characters or
       escape the problematic characters in the path with a backslash
       (<literal>\</literal>) character.  Of course, if you have spaces
       in the <emphasis>URL</emphasis> portion of the external
       definition, you should use the standard URI-encoding mechanism
       to represent those.</para>
+    -->
+    <para>Subversion 1.6 为外部定义添加了两个增强功能, 首先, 利用引号和转义字
+      符, 外部工作副本的路径就可以包含空格, 在此之前如何处理路径中的空格是一
+      件很麻烦的事情, 因为空格被用作外部定义的字段分隔符, 现在只需要用双引号
+      包裹路径, 或者用反斜杆 (<literal>\</literal>) 转义路径中会引起问题的字符.
+      如果外部定义的 URL 部分包含空格, 此时应该使用标准的 URL 编码表示空格.
+    </para>
@@ -7344,19 +7376,33 @@
-      </indexterm>Subversion 1.6 also introduced support for external
+      </indexterm>
+      Subversion 1.6 还支持为文件设置外部定义. <firstterm>外部文件</firstterm>
+      (<firstterm>file externals</firstterm>) 的配置方式与目录相同, 外部文件
+      将以版本化文件的形式出现在工作副本里.</para>
+    <!--
+      Subversion 1.6 also introduced support for external
       definitions for files.  <firstterm>File externals</firstterm>
       are configured just like externals for directories and appear as
       a versioned file in the working copy.</para>
+    -->
+    <!--
     <para>For example, let's say you had the file
       <filename>/trunk/bikeshed/blue.html</filename> in your repository,
       and you wanted this file, as it appeared in revision 40,
       to appear in your working copy of <filename>/trunk/www/</filename>
       as <filename>green.html</filename>.</para>
+    -->
+    <para>比如说仓库中有一个文件 <filename>/trunk/bikeshed/blue.html</filename>,
+      现在你想把文件在版本号 40 时的版本放在 <filename>/trunk/www/</filename>
+      的工作副本里, 作为 <filename>green.html</filename>.</para>
+    <!--
     <para>The externals definition required to achieve this should
       look familiar by now:</para>
+    -->
+    <para>实现这个要求的外部定义是:</para>
@@ -7376,10 +7422,15 @@
+    <!--
     <para>As you can see in the previous output, Subversion denotes file
       externals with the letter <literal>E</literal> when they are
       fetched into the working copy, and with the letter
       <literal>X</literal> when showing the working copy status.</para>
+    -->
+    <para>可以看到, 把文件抓取到工作副本里时, Subversion 在外部文件的左边显示字
+      符 <literal>E</literal>, 执行 <command>svn status</command> 时, 在外部文
+      件的左边显示字符 <literal>X</literal>.</para>
     <!-- ### TODO: Is Subversion using 'E' in the update output to
          ### mean "external"?  Or is this 'E' an "exists" notification,
@@ -7386,6 +7437,7 @@
          ### the side-effect of the file externals implementation? -->
+      <!-- TODO -->
       <para>While directory externals can place the external
         directory at any depth, and any missing intermediate
         directories will be created, file externals must be placed
@@ -7392,9 +7444,13 @@
         into a working copy that is already checked out.</para>
+    <!--
     <para>When examining the file external with
       <command>svn info</command>, you can see the URL and revision
       the external is coming from:</para>
+    -->
+    <para>使用 <command>svn info</command> 检查外部文件时, 可以看到外部文件
+      URL 与版本号:</para>
@@ -7418,6 +7474,7 @@
+    <!--
     <para>Because file externals appear in the working copy as
       versioned files, they can be modified and even committed
       if they reference a file at the HEAD revision. The committed
@@ -7425,6 +7482,11 @@
       referenced by the external. However, in our example, we pinned
       the external to an older revision, so attempting to commit
       the external fails:</para>
+    -->
+    <para>因为外部文件是作为版本化的文件出现在工作副本里, 它们可以被修改, 如
+      果引用的是版本号 HEAD 的文件, 还可以提交修改, 提交后的修改不仅会出现在
+      外部文件时, 还包括被引用的文件. 然而在我们的例子里, 外部文件被指定了一
+      个较旧的版本号, 所以无法提交成功:</para>
@@ -7438,6 +7500,7 @@
+    <!--
     <para>Keep this in mind when defining file externals.
       If you need the external to refer to a certain revision
       of a file you will not be able to modify the external.
@@ -7444,7 +7507,13 @@
       If you want to be able to modify the external, you cannot
       specify a revision other than the <literal>HEAD</literal>
       revision, which is implied if no revision is specified.</para>
+    -->
+    <para>定义外部文件时要始终牢记这点: 如果外部定义指向的是一个特定版本号的
+      文件, 将无法提交外部文件的修改. 如果用户希望可以提交外部文件的修改,
+      就不要指定除了 <literal>HEAD</literal> 之外的其他版本号, 这与没有指定
+      版本号是同样的效果.</para>
+    <!--
     <para>Unfortunately, the support which exists for externals definitions
       in Subversion remains less than ideal.  Both file and directory
       externals have shortcomings. For either type of external, the
@@ -7456,7 +7525,14 @@
       external will be inserted into. Also, file externals cannot be
       moved or deleted. The <literal>svn:externals</literal> property
       must be modified instead. However, file externals can be copied.</para>
+    -->
+    <para>不幸的是, Subversion 对外部定义的支持仍然不够理想. 外部文件与外部
+      目录都还有不足之外需要完善. 比如说外部定义的本地子目录不能包含父目录指示
+      符 <literal>..</literal> (例如 <filename>../../skins/myskin</filename>).
+      外部文件不能引用其他仓库的文件, 不能直接对外部文件进行移动或删除 (但可被
+      复制), 而是应该修改 <literal>svn:externals</literal>.</para>
+    <!--
     <para>Perhaps most disappointingly, the working copies created via the
       externals definition support are still disconnected from the primary
       working copy (on whose versioned directories the
@@ -7467,7 +7543,14 @@
       must run <command>svn commit</command> explicitly on those
       working copies—committing on the primary working copy will
       not recurse into any external ones.</para>
+    -->
+    <para>或许最令人失望的是由外部定义创建的工作副本与主工作副本 (属性 <literal>
+        svn:externals</literal> 所在的工作副本) 之间是分离的, 而且 Subversion
+      也只能操作不相交的工作副本. 也就是说如果你想要提交一个或多个外部工作副本
+      里的修改, 你只能显式地在每个外部工作副本里执行 <command>svn commit
+    </command>—在主工作副本内提交并不会影响外部工作副本.</para>
+    <!--
     <para>We've already mentioned some of the additional shortcomings
       of the old <literal>svn:externals</literal> format and how the
       newer Subversion 1.5 format improves upon it.  But be careful
@@ -7486,6 +7569,16 @@
       revision (with a peg revision of <literal>HEAD</literal> unless
       otherwise specified; see <xref linkend="svn.advanced.pegrevs" />
       for a full explanation of the distinction here).</para>
+    -->
+    <para>我们已经介绍了 <literal>svn:externals</literal> 旧格式的缺点, 以及
+      Subversion 1.5 的新格式如何改善这些缺点, 但是在使用新的格式时注意不要
+      引用新的问题. 举个例子, 最新的客户端仍然支持旧的外部定义格式, 1.5 版以前
+      的客户端却不支持新格式. 如果用户把所有的外部定义格式都更新成新格式, 那
+      就相当于强迫所有的用户都要把客户端更新成最新版. 同时还要注意外部定义里的
+      <literal>-r<replaceable>NNN</replaceable></literal> 部分—旧格式把
+      它作部挂勾版本号, 而新格式把它作为实施版本号 (除非显式指定, 否则使用
+      <literal>HEAD</literal> 作为挂勾版本号, 挂勾版本号与实施版本号的区别见
+      <xref linkend="svn.advanced.pegrevs"/>).</para>
       <para>External working copies are still completely

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