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         <secondary>vendor branches</secondary>
-      </indexterm>As is especially the case when developing software, the data
+      </indexterm>
+      软件开发过程中可能会遇到这样一种情况, 用户所维护的代码依赖其他人的数据,
+      通常来说, 项目会要求所依赖的数据尽量处于最新状态, 但不能影响稳定性.
+      只要某个团队所维护的数据会对另一个团队产生直接的影响, 这种场景就会一直
+      存在.</para>
+      <!--
+      As is especially the case when developing software, the data
       that you maintain under version control is often closely related
       to, or perhaps dependent upon, someone else's data.  Generally,
       the needs of your project will dictate that you stay as
@@ -6100,7 +6106,9 @@
       This scenario plays itself out all the time—anywhere that
       the information generated by one group of people has a direct
       effect on that which is generated by another group.</para>
+      -->
+      <!--
     <para>For example, software developers might be working on an
       application that makes use of a third-party library.  Subversion
       has just such a relationship with the Apache Portable Runtime (APR)
@@ -6108,10 +6116,18 @@
       The Subversion source code depends on the APR library for all
       its portability needs.  In earlier stages of Subversion's
       development, the project closely tracked APR's changing API,
+      TODO
       always sticking to the <quote>bleeding edge</quote> of the
       library's code churn.  Now that both APR and Subversion have
       matured, Subversion attempts to synchronize with APR's library
       API only at well-tested, stable release points.</para>
+      -->
+    <para>比如说软件开发人员所开发的应用程序会用到一个第三方函数库, Subversion
+      和 Apache Portable Runtime (APR) 的关系即是如此, 见
+      <xref linkend="svn.developer.usingapi.apr"/>. 为了实现可移植性,
+      Subversion 的源代码依赖于 APR 函数库, 在 Subversion 的早期阶段, 项目
+      总是紧紧追随 APR 的 API 更新. 现在 Subversion 和 APR 都已经进入成熟期,
+      所以 Subversion 只使用 APR 经过充分测试的稳定版 API.</para>
     <para>Now, if your project depends on someone else's information,
       you could attempt to synchronize that information with your own

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