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1.8/zh: translation of chapter 4 in progress

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@@ -4439,12 +4439,18 @@
           <primary>merge tracking</primary>
-        The <option>--ignore-ancestry</option> option also disables
+        属性 <option>--ignore-ancestry</option> 还会禁止
+        <xref linkend="svn.branchmerge.basicmerging.mergetracking"/>, 这就
+        意味着当 <command>svn merge</command> 确定应该合并哪些版本号时,
+        它就不会考虑, 也不会更新 <literal>svn:mergeinfo</literal>.</para>
+      <!--
+        The <option>- -ignore-ancestry</option> option also disables
         <xref linkend="svn.branchmerge.basicmerging.mergetracking"/>.
         This means that <literal>svn:mergeinfo</literal> is not considered
         when <command>svn merge</command> is determining what revisions
         to merge, nor is <literal>svn:mergeinfo</literal> recorded to
         describe the merge.</para>
+      -->
@@ -4451,8 +4457,12 @@
     <!-- =============================================================== -->
     <sect2 id="svn.branchmerge.advanced.moves">
+      <!--
       <title>Merges and Moves</title>
+      -->
+      <title>合并与移动</title>
+      <!--
       <para>A common desire is to refactor source code, especially
         in Java-based software projects.  Files and directories are
         shuffled around and renamed, often causing great disruption
@@ -4460,18 +4470,30 @@
         case to use a branch, doesn't it?  Just create a branch,
         shuffle things around, and then merge the branch back to the
         trunk, right?</para>
+      -->
+      <para>开发人员的一个常见需求是对代码进行重构, 特别是基于 Java 的软件
+        项目. 文件和目录被移来移去, 经常会给项目的开发人员造成困扰. 听起来是
+        不是觉得这种场景很适合使用分支? 创建一个分支, 尽管在分支里随意折腾,
+        最后再把分支合并到主干上就行了, 对吗?</para>
+      <!--
       <para>Alas, this scenario doesn't work so well right now and
         is considered one of Subversion's current weak spots.  The
         problem is that Subversion's <command>svn merge</command>
         command isn't as robust as it should be, particularly when
         dealing with copy and move operations.</para>
+      -->
+      <para>可惜, 现实情况还没有这么理想, 这是 Subversion 目前还有待完善的地方.
+        其中的问题是 Subversion 的命令 <command>svn merge</command> 并没有人们
+        期望中的那样健壮, 尤其是在处理复制和移动操作时.</para>
+      <!--
       <para>When you use <command>svn copy</command> to duplicate a
         file, the repository remembers where the new file came from,
         but it fails to transmit that information to the client which
         is running <command>svn update</command> or <command>svn
         merge</command>.  Instead of telling the client, <quote>Copy
+        TODO
         that file you already have to this new location,</quote> it
         sends down an entirely new file.  This can lead to
         problems, particularly tree conflicts in the case of renames,
@@ -4481,11 +4503,25 @@
         move</command> command is nothing more than an aggregation
         of <command>svn copy</command> and <command>svn
+      -->
+    <para>使用 <command>svn copy</command> 复制一个文件时, 仓库记住了新文件的
+      来源, 但这项信息并不会传递给正在执行 <command>svn update</command> 或
+      <command>svn merge</command> 的客户端, 相反, 它会向客户端下发一个全新的
+      文件. 这可能会导致问题, 尤其是和重命名有关的目录冲突. 重命名不仅涉及到
+      一个新的副本, 还涉及到删除一个旧路径—一个不为人知的事实是
+      Subversion 没有 <quote>直正的重命名</quote>—<command>svn move
+        </command> 只不过是 <command>svn copy</command> 和 <command>svn delete
+    </command> 的组合而已.</para>
+      <!--
       <para>For example, suppose that you want to make some changes on
         your private branch <filename>/calc/branch/my-calc-branch
         </filename>.  First you perform an automatic sync merge with
         <filename>/calc/trunk</filename> and commit that in r470:</para>
+      -->
+      <para>比如说用户想对自己的私有分支 <filename>/calc/branch/my-calc-branch
+        </filename> 做一些修改, 首先用户和 <filename>/calc/trunk</filename>
+        做了一个自动同步合并, 并在 r470 提交了合并:</para>

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