Issue 228 in svnbook: Dubious "svn merge" output

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Sat Feb 14 09:35:03 CST 2015

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New issue 228 by gan.ainm... at Dubious "svn merge" output

In subsection "Vendor Branches from Mirrored Sources" of the  
chapter "Branching and Merging", the command output of "svn merge  
^/vendor/libcomplex-1.0.0 ^/vendor/libcomplex-1.0.1" contains the line "---  
Merging differences between URLs into '.':", i.e., a message not stating  
the type of URL, however, a scan of the complete source tree of Subversion  
1.8 only shows occurrences of either "...repository URLs..." or "...foreign  
repository URLs..."

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