Request to add little warning message on documentation

Davide Piana dpiana at
Sun Dec 13 14:33:29 CST 2015

Good evening,

first thanks for great contribute to the comunity.

I have recently update my svn server configuration to use digest 
authentication with apache and like often append my not too fresh mind 
lost an hour before realizing a simple thing: is need to enable digest 
apache module.

may be usefull add an activation warning message about Apache module 
activation like:

/For Apache digest authentication is necessary enable module 

I think this could improve documentation.

Best Regards.


>         Digest authentication
> Digest authentication is an improvement on Basic authentication which 
> allows the server to verify a client's identity without sending the 
> password over the network unprotected. Both client and server create a 
> non-reversible MD5 hash of the username, password, requested URI, and 
> a /nonce/ (number used once) provided by the server and changed each 
> time authentication is required. The client sends its hash to the 
> server, and the server then verifies that the hashes match.
> Configuring Apache to use Digest authentication is straightforward, 
> with only small variations on our prior example:
> <Location /svn>
>    DAV svn
>    SVNParentPath /var/svn
>    # Authentication: Digest
>    AuthName "Subversion repository"
>    AuthType Digest
>    AuthUserFile /etc/svn-auth.htdigest
>    # Authorization: Authenticated users only
>    Require valid-user
> </Location>
> Notice that |AuthType| is now set to |Digest|, and we specify a 
> different path for |AuthUserFile|. Digest authentication uses a 
> different file format than Basic authentication; it is created using 
> Apache's *htdigest* utility^[58 
> <>] 
> rather than *htpasswd*. Digest authentication also has the additional 
> concept of a “realm”, which must match the value of the |AuthName| 
> directive. The password file can be created as follows:
> $ ### First time: use -c to create the file
> $ htdigest -c /etc/svn-auth.htdigest "Subversion repository" harry
> Adding password for harry in realm Subversion repository.
> New password: *****
> Re-type new password: *****
> $ htdigest /etc/svn-auth.htdigest "Subversion repository" sally
> Adding user sally in realm Subversion repository
> New password: *******
> Re-type new password: *******
> $

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