svn commit: [svnbook source]:[5043] trunk/en/book/ch07-customizing-svn.xml

cmpilato at cmpilato at
Thu Aug 6 15:19:12 CDT 2015

Revision: 5043

Author:   cmpilato
Date:     2015-08-06 20:19:12 +0000 (Thu, 06 Aug 2015)
Log Message:
Fix a copy-and-pasto.

[tickets:#231] Consistently use MERGE when describing custom merge tools

* en/book/ch07-customizing-svn.xml
  (svn.advanced.externaldifftools.merge): Fix example merge tool
    wrapper scripts to refer to the variable MERGE (rather than

Patch by: James McCoy <jamessan{__AT__}>

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/en/book/ch07-customizing-svn.xml
--- trunk/en/book/ch07-customizing-svn.xml	2015-08-06 20:06:43 UTC (rev 5042)
+++ trunk/en/book/ch07-customizing-svn.xml	2015-08-06 20:19:12 UTC (rev 5043)
@@ -1596,7 +1596,7 @@
 # Call the merge command (change the following line to make sense for
 # your merge program).
-cmd = [DIFF3, '--base', BASE, '--mine', MINE, '--theirs', THEIRS,
+cmd = [MERGE, '--base', BASE, '--mine', MINE, '--theirs', THEIRS,
               '--outfile', MERGED]
 os.execv(cmd[0], cmd)
@@ -1611,7 +1611,7 @@
 REM Configure your favorite merge program here.
-SET DIFF3="C:\Program Files\Funky Stuff\My Merge Tool.exe"
+SET MERGE="C:\Program Files\Funky Stuff\My Merge Tool.exe"
 REM Get the paths provided by Subversion.
@@ -1622,7 +1622,7 @@
 REM Call the merge command (change the following line to make sense for
 REM your merge program).
-%DIFF3% --base %BASE% --mine %MINE% --theirs %THEIRS% --outfile %MERGED%
+%MERGE% --base %BASE% --mine %MINE% --theirs %THEIRS% --outfile %MERGED%
 REM Return an errorcode of 0 if the conflict was resolved; 1 otherwise.
 REM Any other errorcode will be treated as fatal.

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