SVN bad behaviour makes what is written in the book wrong.

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Fri Mar 29 12:59:44 CDT 2013

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On 03/29/2013 12:33 PM, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> As a first-order approximation, old versions of the book could use the
> one-giant-HTML-page version of the 1.7/1.8 book as their <link
> rel='canonical'>.

Correct.  That's a[n| relatively] easy fix.

> I'm not sure what's the extent of the moving-around of content is.
> Would "Manually set a custom XML tag on every <section2/> in every old
> version of the book" be a feasible and semiautomable (i.e.,
> automable for those <section2/>s that did _not_ move around, and manual
> for the rest) process? [1]  The build process would then be patched to
> render those tags as <link rel='canonical'/>.

The word "manual" is disallowed in this conversation.  :-)  Also, I'd prefer
that the DocBook sources be, you know, valid DocBook as much as possible. 
Further, the problem won't be with <sect2>'s that have moved so much as for
<sect3>'s -- the <link> tag is scoped to cover the entire page, and we can't
really say on a <sect3>-by-<sect3> -- or, in the extreme case --
<para>-by-<para> basis where the updated content might live.  And it makes
sense that we'd have this limitation, as the <link rel="canonical"> tag was
designed to help search engines canonicalize their links to the /exact same
content/ reachable by different URLs.  Our use of it for the purposes of
trying to point folks intentionally to /different/ content is not in keeping
with that design.

It might be more sensible to add header/footer matter to all the old book
version which says, "Hey, please note that you're reading a really old
version of this content, which is fine if you're still running the matching
really old version of Subversion.  Otherwise, we strongly suggest that you
visit and peruse the appropriate version of
this book."
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