Issue 5 in svnbook: Document svnmucc

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Fri Jan 18 12:05:36 CST 2013

Comment #7 on issue 5 by markus.k... at Document svnmucc

I think that there really ought to be an example of how to achieve  
transaction safety when using "svnmucc put", otherwise only few will  
understand how to use option -r in practice to implement transactions that  
edit files safely. The example transaction could show something along the  
lines of

   $ latest=`svnlook youngest path-to-repos`
   $ svn cat -r $latest $url | sed -e 's/old/new/' | svnmucc put -r $latest  

That is it should

   - look up what the latest version is
   - get a copy of that version
   - edit it
   - put it back while checking for (and ideally even handling) conflicts

all without using the file system.

By the way, is there any URL-based equivalent of "svnlook youngest  
$repo-path"? (e.g. "svn youngest $url")? Otherwise the example would need  
to include clumsy parsing code for the output of "svn info --xml $url" if  
it has no file path to the repository.

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