Issue 5 in svnbook: Document svnmucc

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Wed Jan 16 08:26:32 CST 2013

Comment #5 on issue 5 by cmpil... at Document svnmucc

This from an email exchange with Daniel Shahaf:

>> Should this section mention the race conditions inherent to
>> working on URLs (with either svn or svnmucc) --- i.e., the option to
>> specify the edit's base revision explicitly?

> I hadn't yet decided whether to put that into this section or into the
> reference matter.  Since I (intentionally) didn't go into details on the
> relevant subcommands (put, propset[f], propdel), it seemed odd to mention
> the race condition here.  But then again, the race is the very reason why
> 'svn' doesn't offer this functionality itself, so maybe it bears spelling
> out here and repeating in the reference chapter.  What do you think?

I think it's worth mentioning it, as it's fundamental to how URL
operations work and is easy to miss (svnmucc won't error out if you
don't pass a -r option).  If you feel it's advanced, it could go in an
infobox / warningbox.

I agree there's no need to enumerate svnmucc's subcommands action verbs
(not 'subcommands', since more than one can be specified) in ch03, but
it'd be useful to say that _any_ commit --- tree modification --- that
can be done in Subversion, can be done via svnmucc.

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