SVN bad behaviour makes what is written in the book wrong.

Guillaume MULLER gm at
Wed Jan 30 09:43:28 CST 2013


I'm trying to recovers some files I have deleted.

According to:

svn cp --revision should do the work.

Unforrtunately, like many people I found on forums, I encounter a bug in 
SVN: it looks for the files in the /current/ revision.

So the tip you give does not work. I had to do a complete co of the old 
revision in a temp dir, and then manually copy the files...

I still don't understand why the --revision flag work perfectly for svn 
co and svn ls and not for svn cp, but its acutally the case.



svn cp --revision 1042 http://localhost:8090/repos/path/to/file/ .
svn: E160013: '/repos/!svn/bc/1045/path/to/file' path not found

As you can see, I'm asking for rev 1042 and svn looks for 1045 (current)...

svn, version 1.7.5 (r1336830)
    compiled Sep 28 2012, 11:22:04

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