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Tue Jan 29 14:23:38 CST 2013

Revision: 4377
Author:   cmpilato at gmail.com
Date:     Tue Jan 29 12:19:20 2013
Log:      * en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml
   (svn.serverconfig.pathbasedauthz.getting-started): Add a note about
     access file paths using "internal style", and fix a typo.

Suggested by: danielsh


--- /trunk/en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml	Tue Jan 29 10:10:34 2013
+++ /trunk/en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml	Tue Jan 29 12:19:20 2013
@@ -3690,6 +3690,14 @@
          (read/write).  If the user is not mentioned at all, no access is

+      <note>
+        <para>Paths used in access file sections must be specified
+          using Subversion's <quote>internal style</quote>, which mostly
+          just means that they use forward slash (<literal>/</literal>)
+          characters as directory separators (even on Windows
+          systems).</para>
+      </note>
        <para>Here's a simple example demonstrating a piece of the
          access configuration which grants read access Sally, and
          read/write access to Harry, for the
@@ -3731,8 +3739,8 @@
          option) to the repository.</para>

-        <para>This different ways that the repository's name is
-          determined by <command>mod_dav_svn</command>
+        <para>The differences in the ways that a repository's name is
+          determined by each of <command>mod_dav_svn</command>
            and <command>svnserve</command> can cause problems when
            trying to serve a repository via both servers
            simultaneously.  Naturally, an administrator would prefer to

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