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Fri Jan 25 11:08:24 CST 2013

Revision: 4362
Author:   cmpilato at gmail.com
Date:     Fri Jan 25 09:07:40 2013
Log:      * en/book/ch04-branching-and-merging.xml
   (svn.advanced.vendorbr.mirrored-sources): Add a hint about using
     'svn add --force --no-ignore --no-auto-props' to pick up any new
     files introduced in the next vendor drop.



--- /trunk/en/book/ch04-branching-and-merging.xml	Fri Jan 25 09:01:58 2013
+++ /trunk/en/book/ch04-branching-and-merging.xml	Fri Jan 25 09:07:40 2013
@@ -4160,7 +4160,12 @@
          those situations, it can be much more challenging to morph the
          new vendor tag into a state where it accurately reflects the
          vendor drop it claims to reflect.  We'll leave the details of
-        such transformations as an exercise to the reader.</para>
+        such transformations as an exercise to the
+        reader.<footnote><para>Here's a hint, though: <userinput>svn
+        add --force /path/to/working-copy --no-ignore
+        --no-auto-props</userinput> is super handy for adding any new
+        vendor drop items to version control in this
+        situation.</para></footnote></para>

        <para>However we make it happen, once our new vendor tag working
          copy is reconciled with the original source distribution, we

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