Issue 186 in svnbook: Make references stand alone.

svnbook at svnbook at
Tue Feb 12 10:12:47 CST 2013

Status: New
Owner: cmpilato
Labels: Type-Enhancement Priority-Medium

New issue 186 by cmpilato: Make references stand alone.

I've always wanted to be able to "package" just the reference sections of  
the book as a standalone deliverable.  At a high level, this is easily done  
with a secondary "book.xml" wrapper that only pulls in the reference  
chapters.  Unfortunately, our "complete" reference makes backreferences to  
material in the rest of the book nearly 50 times.  I'd like to see the  
reference chapters carry enough information to not require such  

In fairness, I think this task depends on the book's index not being anemic.

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