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Date:     Fri Feb  1 12:53:06 2013
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   (svn.serverconfig.httpd.extra.writethruproxy): Note that this
     section describes only one of several different possible proxy

Suggested by: Dave Lawrence <dlawrence{__AT__}ad-holdings.co.uk>


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+++ /trunk/en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml	Fri Feb  1 12:53:06 2013
@@ -3251,6 +3251,21 @@
            2.2.0 (with <command>mod_proxy</command> loaded) and
            Subversion 1.5 (<command>mod_dav_svn</command>).</para>

+        <note>
+          <para>Ours is just one example of how you might setup a
+            Subversion write-through proxy configuration.  There are
+            other approaches.  For example, rather than having the
+            master server push changes out to every slave server, the
+            slaves could periodically pull those changes from the
+            master.  Or perhaps the master could push changes to a
+            single slave, which then pushes the same change to the
+            next slave, and so on down the line.  Administrators are
+            encouraged to use this section for basic understanding
+            of what happens in a Subversion WebDAV proxy deployment
+            scenario, and then implement the specific approach that
+            works best for their organization.</para>
+        </note>
          <sect4 id="svn.serverconfig.httpd.extra.writethruproxy.configure">
            <title>Configure the servers</title>

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