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Fri Feb 1 10:24:16 CST 2013

Revision: 4384
Author:   cmpilato at gmail.com
Date:     Fri Feb  1 08:23:58 2013
Log:      * en/book/ch05-repository-admin.xml
   (svn.reposadmin.basics): Convert descriptions of repository
     directory members into full sentences, and add a warning about not
     confusing REPOS/format with REPOS/db/format.

Suggested (at least in part) by:  danielsh


--- /trunk/en/book/ch05-repository-admin.xml	Tue Jan 29 10:50:38 2013
+++ /trunk/en/book/ch05-repository-admin.xml	Fri Feb  1 08:23:58 2013
@@ -68,43 +68,55 @@

-        <term>conf</term>
+        <term>conf/</term>
-          <para>A directory containing configuration files</para>
+          <para>This directory is a container for configuration
+            files.</para>
-        <term>db</term>
+        <term>db/</term>
-          <para>The data store for all of your versioned data</para>
+          <para>This directory contains the data store for all of your
+            versioned data.<footnote><para>Strictly speaking,
+            Subversion doesn't dictate that the versioned data live
+            here, and there are known (albeit proprietary) alternative
+            backend storage implementations which do not, in fact,
+            store data in this directory.</para></footnote></para>
-          <para>A file that describes the repository's internal
-            organizational scheme</para>
+          <para>This file describes the repository's internal
+            organizational scheme.  (As it turns out,
+            the <filename>db/</filename> subdirectory sometimes also
+            contains a <filename>format</filename> file which
+            describes only the contents of that subdirectory and which
+            is not to be confused with this file.)</para>
-        <term>hooks</term>
+        <term>hooks/</term>
-          <para>A directory full of hook script templates (and hook
-            scripts themselves, once you've installed some)</para>
+          <para>This directory contains hook script templates and
+            hook scripts, if any have been installed.</para>
-        <term>locks</term>
+        <term>locks/</term>
-          <para>A directory for Subversion's repository lock
-            files, used for tracking accessors to the repository</para>
+          <para>Subversion uses this directory to house repository
+            lock files, used for managing concurrent access to the
+            repository.</para>
-          <para>A file whose contents merely inform its readers that
-            they are looking at a Subversion repository</para>
+          <para>This is a brief text file containing merely a notice
+            to readers that the directory they are looking in is a
+            Subversion repository.</para>

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