Issue 194 in svnbook: Fix <note> about the use of external diff tools: 'svn diff --force' allows it!

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Fri Apr 19 11:42:45 CDT 2013

Status: New
Owner: cmpilato
Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Medium Milestone-en-1.8

New issue 194 by cmpilato: Fix <note> about the use of external diff  
tools: 'svn diff --force' allows it!

In chapter 7, we find this note:

       <para>The decision on when to fire off a contextual two- or three-way
         diff as part of a larger Subversion operation is made entirely
         by Subversion and is affected by, among other things, whether
         the files being operated on are human-readable as
         determined by their <literal>svn:mime-type</literal> property.
         This means, for example, that even if you had the niftiest
         Microsoft Word-aware differencing or merging tool in the
         universe, it would never be invoked by Subversion as long as
         your versioned Word documents had a configured MIME type that
         denoted that they were not human-readable (such as
         <literal>application/msword</literal>).  For more about MIME
         type settings, see <xref

What is *not* noted is that the --force option to 'svn diff' will override  
and short-circuit this mime-type detection logic!

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